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KP615  Single 15 inch full frequency speaker

Application scope: KTV private rooms, nightclubs, clubs, clubs
Product characteristics:
-75mm voice coil ferrite tweeter driver using super alloy space material diaphragm< Br> -The entire series uses copper clad aluminum flat wires with inner and outer sound coils that are conducive to rapid heat dissipation and improve sound quality< Br> -The driver adopts ferrite magnetic steel with high cost-effectiveness, high temperature resistance, and slow thermal demagnetization effect< Br> -Carefully designed frequency divider
-The box body adopts precise CNC machining combined with complex slot wedge joining process, and is environmentally friendly water-based black paint

  • Details
frequency response: 40Hz -20 kHz
sensitivity ( 1W/1m ): 102 dB
Nominal impedance (Ω):
rated power(W): 600W( AES )
woofer: Ferrite, 1 × 15 "bass unit 190 magnetic 75mm voice coil
Tweeter unit: Ferrite, 1 × 1.35 "Hou Kou High Tone 12 Magnet 44mm Voice Coil
Nominal coverage angle(HxV): 80°×50°
Maximum sound pressure level(SPL): 128dB (continuous), 126 dB(peak value)
Hanging parts: 17×M8 Lifting point and bottom support
connecting socket: 2 professional NL4MP four core sockets, 1+1 full frequency input
Box treatment: Black water-based paint
size (W×D×H): 460×450×750(mm)
Net weight( kg ): 38( kg )

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